Dos Toros

"In 2017, a restaurant's Instagram is almost more important than their website. That being said, social media is a totally new frontier for many brands and having a partner that understands, lives, and breathes social is invaluable. DEVOUR MEDIA has mastered food photography - their ability to create "crave-able" shots is basically second to none. Not to mention they have a dedicated and massive follower base across the country, are punctual, easy to work with, and most importantly produce tangible results!"

- Marcus Byrd, Head of Marketing for Dos Toros

Wasserman for honda

"Wasserman worked with Greg and Rebecca of Devour Power for a social media Super Bowl campaign. Their social media content is very engaging and captivating and we knew that they would be a perfect fit for our campaign with a big name client. Greg and Rebecca are such a pleasure to work with, very professional and punctual. They are following their dreams and having fun doing so along the way. We can’t wait to work with them again in the future!"

-Jennifer Clerici, Account Coordinator at Wasserman


"We are not a large company. We are small, we've been around for two years but never gained any real traction. We don't have a marketing budget, we are just hoping to make payroll each week, so when we began talking seriously about marketing it made us very nervous. We knew it was necessary, but could/should we make the financial sacrifice at this time? What if we picked the wrong company? What if we picked the wrong strategy? Running Facebook ads and google word ads had brought us likes and clicks but never seemed to convert into actual customers and ended up costing us more time and money then we had planned. So it was through dread, lack of time, and the impending feeling of "that's what you have to do" that we reached out to Devour Media. I / we are so glad we did. Not only did we gain followers, but we gained tons of media exposure across various platforms from people we had been sending emails to and never receiving a response. Not only did we gain media exposure but we gained actual customers, the kind of customers that say, "I saw this on Instagram...". Not one or two, or even a handful, but 5 or 6 everyday. Real, measurable, results.  I cannot recommend Devour Power enough. In the first 15 days they have produced more $$$ results than all our efforts up to this point and brought about a FOMO (Fear of missing out) that has turned our customers into a cult."

-Jonathon Almanzar, Owner of Chick'nCone


 “Adoboloco Hawaiian Hot Sauce Co. searched high a low for a social media partner to work with. We talked with many, but Devour Media reigned supreme. They were quick to respond, easy to work with, pricing wasn't astronomical and they do high-caliber work. Devour Media was very flexible and worked with our launch schedule. They nailed it for Adoboloco!”

-Tim Parsons, Owner of Adoboloco Hot Sauce


“Had a great experience working with Devour Media. They take great photos and videos and really understand how to advertise a product on social media. Always a pleasure working with them.”

–James Tune, Owner of Boilermaker